Continuing Ministerial Development

Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) – often called Continuing Ministerial Education or Continuing Professional Development – is the effort on the part of the Province to equip and develop ministers after their two phases of IME, so that they may better lead and enable the wider church to participate actively in the church’s mission through their ministry. On the Provincial level, SEI seeks to resource dioceses in their CMD programmes. It must be kept in mind, though, that the onus is on the minister to be a lifelong learner and the diocese to ensure appropriate opportunities for so doing. SEI offers its support in terms of theological education and awards.

There are six ways in which SEI offers CMD. First, whether they pursue a degree or not, modules are open to authorised ministers online from the Common Awards’ palette as they are offered each academic year at SEI. Second, SEI sponsors two annual lectures: the SEI Lecture, delivered in 2024 by Prof Grant Macaskill of the University of Aberdeen; and the Pantonian Lecture, offered each year by the Pantonian Professor of Divinity. Third, SEI publishes a peer-reviewed, quarterly Scottish Episcopal Institute Journal. The Journal offers the opportunity to engage with the thinking of others and to contribute articles and book reviews. Fourth, SEI offers short courses, for example, a four-part series in Lent 2024 entitled ‘Death, bereavement and the making of a good funeral for Christians’. Fifth, in consultation with the College of Bishops, SEI invites incumbents to serve in several supervisory capacities: as Placement Supervisors, Training Incumbents with dedicated training. Finally, SEI regularly updates its News to inform the Province and the wider church of its offerings, activities and opportunities.