MA Degree Programmes

As part of its remit to support life-long learning across the Province, SEI offers three MA programmes of study — an MA in Theology, Mission and MinistryMA in Contemporary Christian Leadership, and an MA in Worship and Liturgical Studies — in partnership with the Common Awards scheme.

The MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission provides continuing professional development at an advanced level of attainment for laity and clergy who desire to study at postgraduate level. The aim of the programme is to deliver learning and teaching that enable students to pursue academically rigorous and research-facing engagement with a range of disciplines within theology, ministry and mission. The MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission provides pathways of study that contribute to meet diverse professional and vocational criteria and a firm basis from which to pursue postgraduate research in theology, ministry and mission. It is open to the questions and insights generated by engagement with research and thinking at the forefront of specialised areas of study and professional practice in theology, ministry and mission; it assumes a willingness to be transformed by them. In this programme, one hones the critical skills and disposition needed to go forth in the church and the world with the light of Christian theology as a passionate, articulate and prayerful disciple. 

The MA in Contemporary Christian Leadership provides an opportunity for personal and professional development to satisfy the aspirations of those who undertake studies to enhance, broaden and deepen their discipleship in terms of leadership. This programme enables reflective practice on Christian leadership; it provides a firm basis from which to pursue postgraduate research in theological and ministerial studies. The MA in Contemporary Christian Leadership aims to develop dispositions that are congruent with and necessary for leadership and mission. The programme explores questions and insights about leadership in today’s church by engagement with research and thinking at the forefront of specialised areas of study and professional practice in Christian leadership. It seeks to inculcate a generous, open and empathetic disposition to engage and cooperate with others in and beyond the church.

The MA in Worship and Liturgical Studies is for those engaged in pastoral ministry who wish to supplement their liturgical know-how and practice, especially in their own settings of worship. It is delivered by experts in the subject-area and practitioners in the field, especially in Scotland. The Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) traces its roots to the preaching of the Good News of Jesus Christ in the British Isles by St Ninian, St Kentigern (St Mungo) and St Columba in the fifth century. The SEC preserves their ancient faith and expresses it in a rich and varied liturgical life borne of fifteen hundred years of sacramental and liturgical experience. This MA is a unique programme insofar as it explores not only the SEC’s liturgical tradition and that of Anglicanism, but also those of other denominations in Scotland, so that no single denominational affiliation is required to benefit from this programme. SEI hopes to cooperate in module delivery with other theological education institutions across the British Isles and to craft Independent Learning Projects that are bespoke to individual students’ talents, interests and contexts. 

All three MAs require 180 credits of study and are parttime programmes (over three or four years). Each is delivered entirely online. Candidates will normally have studied theology to degree level. There is a fee of £20 per credit (or £3600 in total) for each MA.

For more information on our MA programmes, please contact SEI directly (see footer for details).

Planned modules for 2024/25 across the MA programmes are:–

SEI neither offers its programmes of study to those outwith the British Isles nor acts as a sponsor for overseas students to the UK.

SEI’s programmes of study demand contextual components and particular settings that cannot be assessed outwith the British Isles.

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