SEI owns a library of 2,200 books relevant to the modules studied, including one copy of every book listed in the indicative bibliographies; this is based in the General Synod Office (21 Grosvenor Crescent, Edinburgh EH12 5EE). All SEI students are automatically registered as borrowers. Books may be borrowed (directly or posted on request) for up to six weeks, unless recalled by another student. 

SEI has an arrangement with The Highland Theological Library (Dingwall) who will kindly post books to any student living north of Perth; SEI picks up the tab at the end of the year for all postage costs incurred. The Northeast Religious Resources Centre (North Shields) provides the same service for students in the Borders.

Similarly, SEI will reimburse the joining fee for a local University Library for any student who does not already have access to one by being an enrolled university student. 

Students have access to a fine array of online  books and journal through The Hub on Moodle. The Hub is made available by National Ministry Team to students whilst studying at any of the Theological Education Institutions across the UK. SEI uses part of its library budget to contribute to the purchase of online books for The Hub, thus making a new text available to more than just SEI’s students.

Note added March 2023: Alas we can no longer accept donations of theological books, having reached saturation point both as regards the SEI Library itself and what can be transported to Perth for onwards sale to the student body, with the money going to the Brazil Fund. Linda Harrison, SEI’s Administrator, has researched some methods that can be used by those wishing to pass on theological books. She has compiled a list of online resale sites which have been road-tested by SEI staff and found to operate well, and this she will pass on to anyone wishing to donate books to SEI. If you’d like a copy of this list, please use the Contact Page. Money made by using these sites can then easily be donated to SEI’s Brazil Fund by BACS if wished.