Foundation Year

SEI offers a non-accredited Foundation Year syllabus. This is offered to those candidates for whom there may be a considerable time-lapse between recommendation for training at an Advisory Selection Panel and entering the SEI community. It is also recommended to those who wish to prepare for a return to study or embark upon the study of a new discipline, giving them time to refresh, or pick up new, skills.

A student opting to use the Foundation Year materials will not be required to do every element of the programme; the Director of Studies individually tailors the scope of such work at the candidate’s initial registration meeting (which takes place immediately after a ‘recommendation for training’ has been received from the Bishop). At that meeting s/he is helped to discern the areas in which attention is required. In each area, a bibliography is provided and a possible piece of practical/written work suggested, such study being supported by ongoing contact with the core SEI staff.

Feedback on any work submitted will be offered by core SEI staff so that candidates may judge how they have fared in the assignment, but this carries no credits, nor does it affect the recommendation for training in any way.

The areas of expertise which can be covered during the year are as follows: Study skills, Biblical Studies, Biblical Interpretation, Theological Reflection, Worship  Analysis and IT skills.

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