SEI at St John’s Cathedral, Oban

Prof Hull was honoured to preach at the Sung Eucharist on Sunday 22 October at 10.15 at St John’s Scottish Episcopal Cathedral, Oban, one of the two cathedrals in the Diocese of Argyll and The Isles. The Presider was the Very Rev Margi Campbell, the Provost and a Member of the Scottish Episcopal Institute Council.

An Episcopal congregation under the patronage of St John has gathered in Oban since 1846 before St John’s Chapel was built in 1864. It was expanded in 1882 before its transformational rebuilding began in 1906. Although work ceased in 1910, St John’s was Inaugurated as the Diocesan Cathedral in 1920. Well into the twenty-first century now, St John’s Cathedral is home to a thriving congregation with a strong choral tradition.

Prof Hull, the Principal of the Scottish Episcopal Institute, was in the Diocese of Argyll and The Isles as part of SEI’s renewed efforts to engage the wider Scottish Episcopal Church it serves. SEI supports ordinands, students for lay ministries and all those engaged in deepening their Christian faith in the Scottish Episcopal Church. It does this through programmes of formation and learning, both onsite and online, which aim to nurture the discipleship of all the baptised in their shared response to the call of God in their individual vocations.