A Day with N.T. Wright

The Rev Dr Lesley Penny, Curate-in-Charge at St John’s, Selkirk, and St Peter’s, Galashiels, participated in ‘Jesus, the Spirit, and the Hope of the World: A Day with N.T. Wright’ on Friday 26 April 2024 at St Paul’s Cathedral, London. Leslie, who is in the second phase of her Initial Ministerial Education, and the IME2 Student Representative to SEI’s Management Committee (Board of Studies), joined with other Common Awards students for the exciting day conference.

Lesley writes: I am just on my way back from the Common Awards event at St Paul’s Cathedral where Tom Wright spoke on Jesus, the Spirit and the Hope of the World. There were probably around 60 of us. I was the only Scottish representative which was a shame because it was brilliant. We covered Genesis to Revelation looking at Creation and New Creation, Jesus and the Gospels and Modelling New Creation: the Calling of the Church. It was challenging and inspiring.