SEI and Tearfund

Laura Symon, a third-year ordinand, is a member of Tearfund’s current Young Theologians cohort. As part of this programme, the students are encouraged to contribute to theological resources to be used by churches and Christian communities who are seeking to contribute to ‘the whole-life transformation of the poorest communities’.

One such resource is a set of six short Bible studies is based on Tearfund’s paper Restorative revolution: A movement of the church to transform wealth, power and communities for a flourishing world.  The final study ‘What does a restorative economy look like?’ was contributed by Laura.

Tearfund describes the resource as follows: “The first study provides an introduction to themes of ‘restorative revolution’ and the church’s opportunity to respond. Each subsequent study is based on a different chapter of the paper and has been written by a Young Theologian from a different continent. These studies are designed to help your church engage with key challenges of the 21st century, reflect on its collective power to shape a fairer world, and respond to the invitation to join in with God’s work of restoration.”

The report & the Bible studies can be accessed at Tearfund Learn.

Photo courtesy of Ross Stirling-Young